Welcome to 175 km long coast and untouched nature. The most diverse flora & fauna on any of Croatian islands. The biggest island in Dalmatia. Welcome to Brač.

Situated in the mid-Dalmatia, the 400km2 big island offers everything you might need for your shoot. From the Zlatni rat beach through the highest peak of Vidova Gora with its 800m high view, from renaissance buildings in a deserted environment in Blaca to Bobovišća, Pučišća, and other mesmerizing bays. A place where you can get 2700 sunny hours, where 22C degrees average temperature is throughout the year and where you can enjoy to 134 days of cleary sky per year!

Brač is offering something different. The life on Brač started in Neolithic (approx. 5000 BCE) and you can view the timeline of historical events with your bare eye from many different locations. From Romans, Venetians and Socialists sites, through castles and fortress to small, hidden and idyllic beaches.

Brač offers variety, but also an absolute feel of all seasons (from the sun to snow). Brač also has it’s own airport and is only 45m ferry ride from the second largest city in Croatia – Split. That is why Brač is an ideal location for potential shootings – one location that offers countless possibilities.